What is Shakespeare Audio’s?

It’s a long story. English is not my native language (I am dutch) and when I started studying english I had to read Shakespeare.

Shakespeare may be a crime to read for native speakers, so just imagine what it is for someone not born into the english language.

I decided to start listening and reading at the same time. As a musican and sound editor I also like playing with sound recordings a lot and so I ended up recording Shakespeare plays and editing them into scenes. This gradually grew into a database of which you can see pictures on this page (just click to view larger size).

I managed to put this database and all it’s soundfiles to a CD-Rom meant for listening and reading with a laptop. Later on the harddisks become bigger and from then on the whole database could simply be copied to a harddisk and if needed be edited with own data.

The CD-Rom is still available if really needed but all the data of that CD will be available online on these pages also so I consider that CD outdated now.

I tried several ways to put these pages and soundfiles online but always had problems with the navigation. It is not a simple task to do a menu to navigate yourself through some 1000 pages and hundreds of MP3 recording.

But I think I may have found a way with this collection of blogs (each play it’s own blog and using it’s categories to bring up the scenes.

I will gradually upload and edit all Shakespeare plays and add movies to it whenever available on youtube. When all that is finished I will continue maintaining it and develop it into a nice place to visit for those interested in Shakespeare.

Happy Shakespeare to you!! - Johnny


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